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Q - Does graded mean the appliance has been used before?

A – No, most of our items have never been used and just have a small amount of damage however if the item is called “seller refurbished” this means the item will have slight usage.


Q – Do you items come with a warranty?

A - Yes! All of our items come with at least 12 months warranty and most of our appliances come with the manufactures warranty.  


Q – Can we come and look at your items?

A – Yes, of course you can come in to our store and look at the items.  Are opening times are Mon-Fri – 8AM – 6PM Saturday – 9AM -5PM and Sunday 10AM- 3PM


Q – Can we leave a deposit?

A – Yes, you can leave a deposit. We always ask for 10% of the order and you can pay the balance whenever you like but it will need to be paid in full before we deliver the item.


Q – I have paid a deposit for an item, can I change my mind?

A - You can change your mind and swap the deposit on to another item but you can’t get a refund for your deposit.


Q - How can I pay?

A – You can pay by Card, Cash, PayPal or Bank Transfer


Q – I have placed an order online when will I receive my appliance?

A – ALL items will be delivered between 3-5 working days EXCLUDING Bank Holidays. One of the Bulldog team will ALWAYS call or email to arrange delivery. If you haven’t heard anything from the team within 3 days of your purchase you will need to call us on 01543 228622


Q – My appliance is arriving on a pallet, will the driver help me get the item inside?

A – As much as Bulldog Appliances would love to cover all of the UK there are some places that are just too far away for us to get to and these deliveries will arrive on pallets. ALL pallets will be sent out with our third party courier company. The courier driver will get the pallet off the lorry for you however unfortunately as the driver is not insured to enter your property it will be down to you to get the item inside.


Q - I have problem with my appliance how do I resolve this?

A - If you have manufactures warranty give the manufactures a call however if you have Bulldog Appliance's warranty or you have any other questions just give us a call on 01543 228622 we can advise you on the next step.


Q – I have just had my washing machine delivered and it is jumping about, what do I do?

A – You will need to remove the transit bolts that are at the back of the machine. If you an unsure on how to do so give us a call on 01543 228622


Q – I have just had an oven delivered but it doesn’t seem to be working, what do I do ?

A – Has the clock been set? Even though it is such a small thing if the clock is not set on your oven then it won’t work. If you an unsure on how to do so give us a call on 01543 228622


Q – Can you install my Appliance?

A – Yes, we install most appliances but it all depends on your area. Please see the installation page for more detail.


Q – How do I activate or start my warranty

A - If your item is with the manufactures you can just go online and register with the manufactures directly. If your warranty is with Bulldog Appliances you don’t have do anything we would of already done that for you when you purchased the item.


Q- I have just had a fridge freezer delivered how long should I wait until turning it on?

A – If the fridge freezer has been lying down then you will need to wait 12 hours however if the item has been stood up you can turn it on after 4 hours


Q – What time are you open till?

A – Monday – Friday – 8am- 6pm, Saturday – 9am-5pm and Sunday – 10am – 3pm


Q – How do I return an appliance?

A – If you are unhappy with your appliance and wish to return it. Give us a call on 01543 228622 and we will discuss the next step.


Q- Can you take away my old appliance?

A – Yes, we take all old appliances away!! Check out our removal page to find out more.


Q – How do I know if my appliance has cosmetic damage?

A – If an appliance is damaged it will have a slide show of pictures indicating where the damage is. It will also have a written description about the damage and where it is located. Not ALL of our appliances have cosmetic damage.


Q- I have looked through your website and I can’t find what I am looking for, would you have it in store?

A – Give us a call on 01543 228622 and speak to a member of our team we have more appliances in store than we do online as we get new stock daily!!


Q - What size is the van that my appliance will arrive on?

A - Deliveries that are made by Bulldog Appliances will be delivered on a 3.5 ton Van or a 7.5 ton van so please make sure the vehicle will fit down your road. If you are having delivery with our courier company please be aware that it MAY come on an 18 ton lorry so please make sure the lorry will fit down your road. If you are worried or have any questions give us a call on 01543 228622


Q - Will I be able to get an exact time that my appliance will arrive

A – We won’t be able to get you an exact time but if you contact us on the day of delivery we will be able to get you an ETA. We also request that all drivers call before arriving.