There are a wide range of washing machines capable of washing your clothes and washing machine spin speeds are a key component of selecting the home appliance that is best for your needs.

As part of a washing machine programme, the spin cycle will remove as much water as it can from your clothes to reduce the time it needs to dry out on the line or be running in a tumble dryer cycle.

Washing machine spin speed guide

There are a few factors to consider when looking at washing machines:


Spin speeds can range from anywhere between 1000rpm (rotations per minute) to 1800rpm. The faster the spin, the quicker your washing machine will remove most of the water from your clothes at the end of a wash cycle. It can also reduce the amount of residual water left on thicker garments.

For larger families, who may need to run multiple washes over the course of a single day - the increased spin speeds can greatly reduce the time clothes need to be in the washing machine - allowing you to have more wash loads throughout the day.

You can also save time by looking at large load washing machines, with larger drums reducing the number of washes required.


Fast spin speeds are great, however faster washing machines can also impact the use of electricity that is needed to achieve those blistering quick spin cycles. Every appliance features an energy rating, providing a guide of how much energy use is expected to make it easier to compare with other washing machines.

However, with faster spin speeds - you may find the need to use your tumble dryer is less frequent and therefore saving money. 

Audible impact

The faster the spin, the louder the washing machine can be due to the vibrations of running at higher speeds. This can be managed by ensuring the feet of the washing machine are perfectly adjusted to match any deviations in the floor height, reducing the rocking and therefore the noise levels.

Noise may be less of a concern for you if your washing machine is hidden away in a utility room, however for many homes, the location is within the kitchen - so faster spin speeds although advantageous for drying clothes more thoroughly and in a timely manner - can also increase the level of noise.

Material of clothing

The material of your clothes will also dictate the spin speed you are best using to ensure your clothes are not stressed too much in the wash. Really delicate fabrics such as silk often require a reduced speed around 600rpm, however many modern washing machines are better equipped to help you select the best speed.

Ensure you read your washing machine’s instructions carefully and select the best programme, as many of the programmes are designed for delicate clothing and will select the best spin speed and wash routine for you.

Washing machine spin speed recommendations

  • - A 1200rpm - 1400rpm spin speed will suit most family situations balancing economy and performance
  • - Faster spin speeds will decrease the time it takes to dry your clothes
  • - Faster spin speeds reduces the time required in a tumble dryer
  • - Refer to your washing machine’s manual as the programme guide will often pre-select the spin speed that is best for you

We have a wide range of freestanding washing machines and integrated washing machines, all clearly stating their energy rating helping you to make an informed decision.

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