Why do I need a Smart Washing Machine in my home?


Smart appliances are a recent innovation from Appliance manufacturers, riding the Alexa and Google Home wave of connected devices in and around the household. Nearly all of the big brands have wifi connected appliances offerings, meaning once you have the app installed you can receive information from your machine direct to your phone of tablet. Take a look at our full range of graded and new appliances from Bosch, Hoover, Siemens to have a closer look. 


But do you really need a smart washing machine? What are the benefits?

1. The potential for cheaper electricity bills

Did you know your electricity cost can vary depending on when you use it? Some suppliers cost per kilowatt hour can as much as double during peak hours. If you’re like most people and tend to load your washing in the evening after work, then starting the wash then could be costing you more than you need. Most high quality washing machines, either integrated or freestanding have a delayed start feature, but this isn't often used. However, having access to choose your programme, and defer the start time of the wash until the middle of the night so it’s ready and waiting to unload first thing in the morning could save you money over the course of a year. You can do this direct from your app, so regardless of where you are round the house you can control when your wash happens. 

2. Hold of on a rinse to avoid clothes going stagnant

Life is a series of interruptions, so we can never be sure what our schedules are day to day. We’ve all had a scenario where despite our initial intentions clothes have been washed, but unfortunately left sat damp in the washing machine for a number of hours or days becoming stagnant. With a connected washing machine you can put off the rinsing of clothes direct from the app, meaning your clothes can be time to finish exactly when you need them to be. Smart eh? 



3. Get notifications when the wash is finished 

Ever loaded the washing machine, then forgotten to transfer something to the dryer immediately after creating panic in the morning when your kids uniforms aren’t dry? One of the features of the smart washing machines is that they send notifications direct to your phone to tell you when your wash is finished. This tiny nudge can be a really helpful reminder that you need to take the clothes out. 


Should you buy a smart washing machine?


If you’re a home that already has Alexa or Google Home and is looking for the latest technology, then connected devices offer some clever innovation and you’ll no doubt be tempted by what they offer. For those with less tech-centric homes, it’s worth considering if the additional investment in connected appliances can bring some day to day benefits to you, where there are genuine, practical benefits to being able to control and monitor your washing machine remotely.